When Couches Become Pearls

It’s just a couch.


But to me it’s not just any ol’ couch…

it’s a precious pearl.

We were able to purchase this couch because of someone who was moved to give into the mission of Harrison Creek Retreat.

And we didn’t even ask…(Not that I won’t)

Last Saturday when I set out to use this gift to provide furniture for our 5,000 square foot retreat, I asked Jesus to lead the way.

I wanted to make wise and beautiful decisions.

The entrustment of these funds felt sacred to me…even kind of holy.  Like Jesus was saying, “Here is another pearl.”

Pearls represent TRUST…in my vocabulary.

Pearls come in all shapes, sizes, hues and weights….but one thing they have in common is the Giver.

Though these funds were given by a man who was moved to give, I believe the movement came from God’s hands through his.

This couch has a special story. Before I went shopping I spent time looking online for what I wanted; searching for the best value.

I found a couch (sectional) that I kinda liked….at IKEA…for $799.00. I thought it was a great price and it was the color I was going for. I needed 2 of them…at the prompting of my interior-decorator daughter-in-love who is putting together our fireplace room.

So…the price of this one was $899.00…not bad and no need to drive to KC or have it delivered from KC.

As the sales assistant walked over I felt the nudging to ask for a deal…(Which I am usually horrible at) and simply said, “If I would buy TWO of these, could you give me a lower price?” She said, “I will sure try!”

A few minutes later, she walks back over with a big smile and said, “How does $555.00 sound?”

I said, “It sounds like GRACE.” (Which the number 5 does represent the concept of grace) 🙂 I bought both of them.

“O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you,……” 1 Timothy 6:20

This is Paul admonishing Timothy, saying something like this….

Timothy, (Insert your name) You have been given and will be given certain entrustments to equip you in your salvation and to be used for the express purpose of loving others well. Guard them…don’t underestimate them or take for granted their value. Don’t assume you can do this in your own wisdom or resources. Get help..stay close to those older and wiser and don’t take a vacation and let those guards down. You have an enemy who will seek to steal what’s been given to you. And even your own heart will feel tired, disillusioned and weak at times….in those moments, flee temptation and run to God. He will hide you and protect you.

What are the pearls you have been given? Who are they? What are they?

Pearls can be anything and everything…they are people and assignments given to us in order to fulfill the God-given desire we have to make a difference.

Once upon a time I was given some pearls I did not see the value in. I did not guard them. I did not understand how much I didn’t know…I thought I knew a lot.

These days I actually know very little…I struggle with anxiety at times and I am not as certain as I used to be. However, I do recognize pearls, the weaknesses of my own heart and the lies the enemy will sometimes whisper. I recognize that sticking close to Jesus and others who love me is the safest way to protect these precious pearls.

And for now, that’s enough.



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