What I Want in 2018

It’s getting late on the first day of 2018 but I couldn’t contain my joy in sharing something God did today.

On my way home from Kansas City this evening I stopped off at my son’s house to deliver his wife’s Roasterie Cold Brew coffee AND a present for my grandson. It was a gift my mother failed to pack and give him on Christmas Eve…no worries though… he’s only two and didn’t have a clue.

I knew Titus was going to be ecstatic when he saw the large, wrapped gift I came to give him. When I walked in the door he was in the other room but heard my voice. His little feet took off running through the house as he began screaming “Yaya” in a way that always makes me heart leap. As he was running towards me, he stopped briefly, looked at me, looked at the present, then he preceded to run right into my arms, giving me the sweetest hug.

I was taken back by my two-year-old grandson placing a greater value on me than what I came to bring him. I mean he is only two and I wouldn’t have been offended.

As we were hugging, I knew I was getting a glimpse of how our Father God feels when we choose Him before the gifts He brings. Oh, my grandson still wanted the gift. He was still excited to open his present, but his initial gesture conveyed he was most excited to give his Yaya loves.

I am over the top excited to be with God this year but I know Him well enough to understand He comes with gifts…beautiful gifts of mercy wrapped and delivered in a myriad of ways to be used for His glory and our delight.

I love the gifts our Father brings and I also believe He loves to give them.

As I watched my grandson open his present with great delight and zeal, I got it. I feel that way too when God comes with a gift. It’s always something more than I could have imagined. In fact, sometimes I think I want one thing but He shows up with another and it’s not only what I need, it’s more than what I wanted!

Only God gets me more than I think I get me.

My desire for 2018 is to be with God and to be more aware of His Presence…and to honor Him in everything He chooses to give me beyond that. My heart is stirred with the same request David expressed in Psalms 27:4-

“One thing I have asked of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire (to ask questions) in his temple.”

David wanted to see and commune. He wanted to look upon God’s beauty and talk to God about it. He desired nearness. The gift he most wanted became a gift that was given back to His Creator.

Mutual adoration, mutual love and mutual desire…oneness.

(Read John 17 to understand more fully Jesus’s desire to be with us.)

I want to bless the Lord this year by running to Him first. I want His heart first. I’m aware His Spirit lives in me but I want to acknowledge the gift of that more than I did last year. Before I unwrap His gifts, I want to lean into Him and tell Him He’s my most and my best and show Him by honoring Him in all I think, say and do.

God breathed on my heart over the last few days. He assured me I would need to be more aware of His Presence this next year. In His kindness, He opened the eyes of my heart to see…to see that His Presence is my most treasured gift for all He’s calling me to do in 2018. I feel sober-minded, excited and completely dependent on His everlasting grace and mercy…aren’t we all?


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    He is all we need! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful visual!

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