The Fear of Missing Out

In days past I tended to struggle with a few bothersome questions…

Questions like-

What if I am missing out?

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What if I am at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people?

What if the next cutting-edge move of God moves right past me, right over me or right in front of me and I don’t recognize it?

What if I am left behind? (Not in the literal Rapture sense)

I know these questions aren’t uncommon.

I’ve been in a few conversations recently with those who’ve expressed the struggle.

The struggle being:

How can I keep up?

How can I be involved with every good thing going on?

Why do I feel guilty to say no…when everyone else seems to be saying yes?

Why do I feel pressure to join the next greatest thing?

I can relate to each of these questions.

I remember wanting to keep up, wanting to be involved with the latest and greatest, and feeling the pressure of missing out..and worse, being perceived of just not “getting it.”

The truth is, there are many wonderful things people start.

There are a million causes that are good causes.

There are communities of people moving forward in Kingdom work that’s making a difference…and there will always be new things God is birthing in the hearts of His people.

Things we can celebrate though we might not be personally involved.

The lie of missing out, feeling guilty or needing to do it all is based on the lie that God is only in certain places, with certain people, doing certain things, at certain times…of course the best things.

Can I just tell you this lie will steal your ability to know Christ IN you, the hope of glory?

This lie will have you jumping from one thing to the next looking for attention, validation, affirmation, confirmation and applause.

This lie will have you looking for Jesus in all the wrong places and people…not because those people or ministries or moves are wrong, and not because Jesus isn’t there but if He hasn’t led you to jump on or jump in, you will be missing out on what He does have for you…even if that’s just “staying home and serving your family.”

I’m willing to confront this lie when young people come to me with their struggle in looking at what’s going on around them INSTEAD of looking to Christ who lives within them. Then and only then can we listen to where He is calling us to be involved.

We are not called to jump in on every new move…we are not called into the latest and greatest… and we do not have to live with a feeling of missing out…

When our foremost and greatest desire is to know Jesus…His ways….His heart…His emotions, we will know His leading and not miss out.

When we are spending time with Him in the secret place where no sees, where no one knows and were no applause is given, we will become cautious with the voices that beckon us to join in…will be be discerning.

We will rejoice with those who have found their place and we will be at rest in ours…whether that’s on a platform, inside the walls of our home with our children, in a cubicle at work, in a foreign country, never being seen, always being seen and not needing to be seen.

It’s about the satisfaction of looking at Christ within knowing you’ve already got the best and you’re already in the know.

Deep, abiding peace that allows you to rest.

This kind of rest will lead us to fruitful work.

Not busy work…not anxious, trying to secure my place work but the kind of work that is fueled by knowing we are already accepted and nothing we do in Jesus’s name goes unnoticed or unrewarded.

There will be many things we discover in eternity that brought light and love to the world and they were never posted on social media, they were never trumpeted as the next move of God, they weren’t necessarily respected in the eyes of man, but Christ was glorified.

Father, help us hear Your voice loudest. Help us know true rest in You. In Jesus Name, Amen.



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