Tailor-Made Restoration

One of the most beautiful activities of the Holy Spirit in our lives is the work of restoration.

My daughter-in-law Ruth loves to create and restore. She can take a piece of old furniture that looks like it’s ready for the burn pile and instead transform it into a beautiful, restored treasure.


I admire Ruth’s ability to do this. Her vision for transformation so reminds me of what God does in us and for us when we feel look like we are ready for the “burn pile” because our choices have left us marred.

The truth is, God’s vision for us never changes. As His child, He sees the final state of His glory in us. It’s what He sent His Son for.

To save.

To redeem.

To heal.

And to restore our identity as sons and daughters of God.

His love for us in doing this is more than I can comprehend.

Truly a gift of His grace and mercy.

Not only does He restore us when we have made a selfish and foolish choice but He tailor-makes our restoration.

Meaning……….He knows the perfect “fit” for what we need in order to be healed.

Nathan and I have learned that while there are similarities in “like stories,” we are not wise enough to know exactly what a person needs.

Only the Holy Spirit is.

Only the Holy Spirit can search the depths of a person’s heart and mind and knows the hidden truths about that person’s character, strengths and weaknesses.

Only the Holy Spirit can bring encouragement and conviction in a life-altering way.

And this is what happened for us.

Though we listened to counselors and people who had been where we were in our marriage crisis, at the end and the beginning of the day, we pressed into what God was saying about us to us.

The Holy Spirit tailor-made our restoration because He knew exactly what we needed.

He will do the same for anyone who presses in to listen.

For us, it started with prayer. Getting before the Lord separately and together.

It started with asking God’s Spirit to shine a light on what we needed to be restored.

It was not always pretty, but always healing.

Nathan and I recently met with a couple who were at the same place we were a few years ago.

Though we shared our story, prayed with them and gave them counsel, we told  them how the Holy Spirit has their tailor-made restoration ready for them to discover.


when all the chaos calms down

the ashes turn to beauty

and the pain has been quieted

only One gets the glory.

The One who sees all……knows all……loves all.

Let it be, Lord!



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  1. Nancy

    This is so true and so beautifully shared. I love your transparency. Blessings.


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