Sing to Jesus

It’s been two days of wrestling.

Familiar thoughts of…”You are not will fail…who are you?…and the list goes on.

I confessed these thoughts to a friend, along with a dream Jesus is speaking to my heart.

Her reply, “Don’t stress about it,”…to which I replied, “Do I sound stressed?”

“Yes, you do.”

The truth is, I did feel stressed. I just didn’t recognize it until she confronted it.

Hours later I got a sense of where my stress was coming from..and it was when I began to worship.

Then, this song. The song that always takes my eyes off myself and puts them on my big God.


When I look at Him. When I look at the Cross.

What He did for me. What He still does in me.

I melt.

He’s enough and that’s all that matters.

So, to the thoughts that seek to distract me and make it about me, I say, “He is my great Redeemer!”

Now and Forever.

I don’t need to “be enough.”

I don’t need to “be perfect.”

And I don’t need to be anything other than who He created me to be.

You either.

If you happen to be stressed, weary, feeling helpless, hopeless or just bored…

Sing to Jesus.

He will come.

He will breathe on you.



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