She’s Not Our Baby Anymore….

1909905_10152251940426860_746687136598609315_nHere she is. All grown up and married.

My baby.

I’m so very happy for her. In fact, it really does feel like my heart will explode with joy.

But in this moment. I wipe the tears.

I miss her. Actually, I started missing her when she moved out shortly after graduation a few years ago.

Thankfully, she is still a short distance away. But probably not forever.

Bailey is the one who told her dad and I that when she grew up she was going to put her house in our yard. Yeah well…….that didn’t quite happen. Her yard is two hours away!

I am not complaining, I’m just crying. Big difference.

So as I sit in my extremely quiet kitchen after a weekend full of laughter, love and memories, I remember some of the intimate conversations Bailey and I’ve had over the years.

I remember them with deep, deep gratitude. She is an amazing young lady.

The honor I have of being Bailey’s mother overwhelms me. I feel the same about her brother and sister, but there’s something about the baby. Of the family.

Bailey was suppose to stay our baby. You know, the one you hold onto because the older ones gave you no choice…….

But then comes someone like Morgan. God knew.

10580137_10152251916471860_2669270943771263616_nHe knew it would not be quite as hard to “give her away” to a young man like Morgan. In fact, when I met him, I knew. And so did her dad.

With that, I am at peace even as the tears flow. Though my heart aches for another intimate conversation with her, I would much rather she be having them with Morgan. It really is the way it’s suppose to be.

To leave and cleave.

Bailey and Morgan are free spirits. They both love to travel.

Love people.

Love coffee shops.

It will be fun watching where God takes them.

AND…..when they decide to come visit, the sheets will be clean, the meals will be cooked and the family will all be here waiting….waiting to enjoy what we love most…….one another.


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  1. Nancy

    I feel your mama’s heart. So hard to give our daughters “away” and yet so wonderful when they marry Godly young men.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment.


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