No food for a day?

Today as I watched my two granddaughters scream with delight as they jumped in our pool over and over again, my thoughts drifted to the children and babies around the world who are screaming for other reasons.

Let’s face it, it’s happening even in our own backyard on different levels. Yes, kids in our cities/towns are being neglected, abused and treated as though their life has no value.

And I am fed up with it.

Yesterday as I was minding my own business, I saw a mother grab her little girl’s arm and jerk it hard enough to pull it out of the socket as she dragged her though the aisles in Bass Pro.

This mother proceeded to jerk her daughter’s arm several more times, though her daughter was in complete compliance. This precious little blond-haired girl did not make a noise or shed a tear.

And if you know anything about abuse, you know why.

I whispered to my husband that I was going to follow this lady at a reasonable distance and if she did it again, I was going to say something.

I’m sure there are those who say it’s none of my business and for that, I really don’t care. My heart was breaking for this little girl.

It wasn’t just the arm jerking but the words and tone this mother was using.

After dealing with the reality that this mom could knock me out with one punch, I set out to see if I needed to intervene.

I didn’t plan on threatening the mom but asking her if there was something I could do to help….to pray for her… lighten her load in any way I could.

Her anger was obvisously much deeper than anything a 5 or 6 year old could instigate.

I tried hard to hold back tears as I followed. I prayed quietly for this mother to know peace. I prayed for her baby girl.

I asked the Lord to send someone to give this family hope. When she stopped walking, I was only a few feet away pretending to look at fishing gear.

I prayed. My heart cried out to God to bring peace again.

I hate abuse.

Within minutes, I noticed the mother’s tone softening.

She glanced my way and I smiled.

I prayed my smile would tell her that she too is loved. For when we know that we are totally and unconditionally loved without a doubt, we are then able to love others……….

Hurt people, hurt people.

Yes, sometimes we have no choice but to intervene.

Love intervenes.

As I walked in another direction to find my husband, I prayed for the Lord to send someone to offer this mom help.

I prayed she would ask for help and she would receive help.

I prayed her little girl’s heart would be protected from the message that abuse sends.


Did I mention I hate abuse?

On the other side of the world, as I type, massive abuses are being carried out by the hands of those who know no love .

Abuses are hard to look at, talk about and think upon.

But we must. Because as human beings we feel the collective pain of those who suffer……… and we too may suffer in the same way someday.

What makes us think we won’t?

Living in America? It’s time to wake up. It’s time to ask hard questions.

Though I feel my hands are tied to be the one to offer a cup of water to my brother or sister across the world at this time, I am willing should I get the chance.

For now, we pray, we pray and we keep praying.

We also have been invited by our church leadership to join in a corporate fast tomorrow. August 18th, 2014. Will you join us?

My family has said yes to no food tomorrow.


Just water and juice.

Not to get God’s attention but to get ours. To in some small way….. say to our bothers and sisters-

we hear you…….we see you…….. and we choose to suffer with you.

Though our one day fast will not compare to the suffering many are expereicing at this very moment……we offer a no food day to our God who will fill us with what we really need.


We are not special because we fast.

We are just desperate to get out of our convenience and comfort to allow our hearts to hurt and tummies to growl for those who are dying for lack of food and persecution.

And maybe we will go more than one day…maybe three…..maybe longer.

Wake us up, God.





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