Mamas and Overcoming Fear


Dear Sweet Mamas,

God sees.

He loves your babies more than you do and He is not worried over them.

He is proactively drawing them to Himself.

Part of that glorious drawing is through you-

..through your faith in Him and His love for both YOU and THEM.

I have frequent conversations with mamas I love and I cheer on in their mothering.

Recently, one of those conversations was with my own daughter and it sounded something like this:

Fill your home with worship.

Let the rain of God’s grace soften and prepare the soil of your babies’ hearts for the seeds of God’s love for them to take root as they grow up.

Create an atmosphere in your home that celebrates His faithfulness and goodness. Talk about Him in your home like a friend who you dearly love and adore.

Don’t get overly anxious about the “rules.” Of course there are necessary rules…especially when it involves hurting themselves or others. Rather tell them about the One Man who never hurt anyone but healed those who came to Him in faith. Tell them that He will help them do the same.

Be on guard…

Be on alert…

and be motivated by love and wisdom…

because fear will often masks itself as “wisdom.” Living in fear will stunt your child’s growth in grace. It will hold on to your heart and mind so tightly that you will feel a constant heavy weight in your mothering. (If that’s you, email me and I will walk you through how to break free from the “torture” of this.)

Know this mama-

Your babies are not just looking TO YOU , they are looking for their Creator IN YOU. Their Creator who can shine through you with confidence, creativity and calm.

Fear is your enemy in mothering.

When fear creeps up, do not tolerate it. Yes, Mama, you can shut it down.

You get to choose.

You may not be able to do it alone…at least in the beginning.

You might need to call upon a Mama who has gone before you and has overcome the paralyzing fear that can leave you almost breathless.

Then once you see that fear can be a pesky fly you can shoo away, or better yet, smack to it’s death, you will not spend as much time battling this defeated foe.

Mothering can be all-consuming.

Sometimes it needs to be…but remember, God’s love for your children is not just stronger than yours, it’s perfect.

He perfectly loves your babies. Fear cannot overcome His fierce love for them.

One last thing Mamas.

As your children grow, let them see your need for someOne greater than you and whose resources are limitless. (Yes, in yourself, you have limited resources.)

Let your babies see you calling on your Creator as your source of help.

It’s the best gift you will ever give them because there will be a day when you can’t help them, be with them, understand them or “fix them.”

I once heard a lady tell a group of mamas, “Your babies don’t come from you, they come THROUGH you.

Through you with a God-given destiny and purpose that you have been given a front-row seat to watch unfold.

Happy and Holy Mothering, Mamas!





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