God’s Not Boring, We Are

Several years ago I heard a preacher man tell his people,

“God’s not boring, you are.”

It’s a statement that never left me…maybe because I’m not a very good bored person and if I could tap into a life void of boredom, I was all in.

I’ve come to deeply resonate with a life void of boredom. I’ve come to the conclusion it would be a great sorrow to stand before Creator God and confess, “I’m sorry, Lord, but life was boring.”

I can’t imagine God being okay with this.

If we lean in and listen to where God is calling us to serve, could boredom be washed away in the pain and joy of living a life of poured out in partnership with Him?

I don’t know what your boredom looks like but when I feel bored, I want sushi, but food really is a pour substitute for pressing into God’s Presence for my sustenance.

There’s a song I’ve been listening to recently. It has very few words but as I listen, I get a sense that God inspired the simple words, “Bring Your color in my life.”

When I first heard it, I was unsure.

I’ve already made peace with the idea of Jesus walking into the room and “Holy Spirit, You are welcome here”…my understanding has led me to believe these declarations are simply our desire to be aware of God’s Presence…and then we get to experience the sweet blessing of our Father pouring out His grace to feel, on the inside, that He is indeed there.

I don’t need to feel to believe, but when I get to feel, I know I am definitely the boring one.

I would never mean to lead someone to believe that if you don’t “feel” God’s Presence, then He isn’t listening or there or He doesn’t care. He has first and foremost told us to “walk by faith” and faith says, “Even if I don’t feel a thing, I believe.”

However, what if we can experience that He is there?

What if He grants us the awareness of His Presence, even as we are aware of someone else who is walking into a room? Can we believe for this?

My experience of times where I am aware of God’s Presence on the inside, of Him walking into the room, is characterized by awe and joy…a holy fear…He’s God…I’m not.

I become aware that He is with me, that I am His and He is mine.

He is there.

He hears.

He is more than enough.

It evokes tears of worship in spirit and truth. These moments of awareness often start with Him affirming I am His and because of that truth, I am safe and called to love others without needing a return in the here and now.

In short, I feel wrapped up in love and hidden in Him.

Safe and protected… eager to see what He sees…even if it stings at times…because His motives are always for my well-being.

The truth is, these moments move not only my mind, but my heart to worship Him because of who He is.

I often close my eyes and ask to see. But then I open my eyes and I see Him all around.

These moments of awareness aren’t confined to congregational worship or only in an atmosphere of seeking God in community; though it’s often in that very place I am more aware.

One of the most profound moments I’ve had of being aware of God’s Presence was sitting on shore of the ocean in Florida almost six years ago. It was a moment I would least expect Him to show up because I was questioning if I even knew God. My lack of trusting Him left me feeling naked and ashamed. There were no fig leaves big enough to cover the amount of shame my heart was experiencing. A wave of fear washed over me as I looked at the waves and entertained the thought of leaving this earth.

More real than the fear, I heard His voice , “I will never leave you or forsake you.”

The wave of His Presence washed over me, assuring me He was with me and I was being called to live and not die. This experience proved to be the hope I would need in the days to come. Though I questioned who I was, I didn’t question who He was.

His mercy allowed me to know Him in ways that set me free and transformed the areas of my life that were restless and wounded.

God’s Presence turns us to God’s glory and it changes us.

Seeking His Presence is not selfish. Seeking to experience and be aware of His nearness is not making it about us but acknowledging that we need Him and only in Him can we do works that please Him.

It’s in God’s Presence we rightly see the condition of our hearts and we see that He is the answer for the transformation we need.

It’s in His Presence we see that our transformation is about our growth in obedience and holiness to love Him in the way He is worthy of.

It’s in our Father’s sweet Presence that the death of desires that don’t serve His purposes actually cause us to come alive in ways that are new and fresh.

Seeking God’s Presence is anything but boring. If God uses these words to provoke you to hunger in being aware of His nearness, I’m certain, boredom will lose its grip.

The multifaceted wisdom and holiness of God is our joy for eternity.

The angels and elders around the throne, even now, who cry, “Holy, Holy, Holy,” cast their crowns before Him and are alive with the colors of the rainbow of God’s mercy around His throne… they are smitten with His beauty and glory.

I want to experience Him as much as I can now…and I unashamedly seek His Presence. Not because I need Him to prove anything more than He’s already proven, but because I love Him and His ways.

When God brings color to our lives, it wakes us up to our calling and leaves no room for boredom. It opens our eyes to the needs around us and it puts an ache in our hearts to help relieve the suffering of mankind. It wipes away the dullness of days that are mundane and brings purpose for each and every season we are in.

Will you join me in asking God to not only wake us up as a church but to experience the colors of His Kingdom exploding with the hope of seeing His glory cover the earth?

I believe more than ever creation is nearing the end of her labor pains and beginning to see glimpses of vibrant colors overtaking the dullness of crumbling kingdoms and lifeless faith. Even typing those words makes my heart beat faster in anticipation of Jesus coming and making all things new!

(If by chance the song doesn’t come through in email, you can YouTube Colors-Bethel Music)


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