About Us

10288803_10153146392935961_3621780144673938425_nNathan and Kandace Rather were married in a beautiful and historic Baptist Church in Independence, Kansas in June of 1989. Though both would have told you they were in love on the day they said their vows, they were clueless about marital love the way God created it. Apart from God’s mercy and grace, they would not be married today or maybe even alive. That’s not being dramatic in the slightest!

Today, Nathan and Kandace enjoy deep friendship. Their journey from there to here was not pretty. Some chose not to stick around to see the glory on this side. But they understand- it was a journey of hoping against hope.

Nathan is a VP at a bank in their hometown. He graduated from Pittsburg State University with a BBA in Economics and Finance in 1991. He also received his MBA from Pittsburg State University in 2012. He enjoys hunting, shooting, football, discipling men and spending time with his children, two beautiful granddaughters and a handsome little grandson.

Kandace disciples women who are walking through the fire of deep transformation.  She graduated from Pittsburg State University with a BA in Psychology in 1997 and received a BA in Speech Communications from Missouri Southern State University in 2013. She enjoys writing, reading, taking in stray kids and spending time with her children, two precious granddaughters and sweet grandson

Nathan and Kandace also walk the long but glorious road of restoration with couples who have found the same hope they did when they hit rock bottom. If you know of a couple who needs this hope, you may e-mail kandacegrather@gmail.com for more information on resources and counseling options.