A Cold, Sunny Day In A Portland Coffee Shop

Call me weird.

I’ve always wanted to sit in a Portland coffee shop on a cold, sunny day writing a blog. It’s a writer thing…..


I think.

Just calling myself a writer is huge. For me.

Because deep down, I know being a writer is not really who I am but something I do……

and I do it stumbling, fumbling and worshipping.

Which leads me to my short story on my experience at Bethel Church:

At Bethel, during worship, people paint.

Like, on the platform. In front.

For the world to see.

At least for those in attendance.

On Sunday as we were visiting this wonderful place, the Lord spoke a sweet message to my heart.

As I watched 2 young women paint with peaceful passion.

One painted trees, the other mountains.

The two places we were going the next day.

Neither planned what they were going to paint…….. until their hearts turned to worship.

To worship the One who gave them the ability and desire to put stories on canvas.

I was struck. With wonder.

I watched.

I shed a tear.

I worshipped right along with them.

They would paint……..Step back. And paint again.

They would stop……… Lift their hands. And paint again.

They would touch up what they already painted…….. And they would start something new.

They would paint slow. (Like I write.)

They would paint fast.

Yet, in all THEY did……. I saw God.

I saw Him in their braveness-to paint in front of others.

(The way Jesus died a humble Man on a Cross in front of others.)

Yes, some have no problem with this. (Being on a platform)

Some glory in it…..but I could tell, they didn’t.

They were up there for one reason. To glorify the One who called them to paint.

For His Glory.

This is my prayer.

And yes, It’s my prayer.

Because I know me…..at least better than I did 3 years ago.

I know my heart……if not fixed on my Creator Father.

I would want some glory out of the deal.

I would want some of the accolades.

I would want to be liked for what I do….for what I say……for what I can bring to the table.

And in spite of God knowing all of this about me, He whispers,

“This is how you write.”

“You write in worship to glorify the One who is redeeming your story.”

“And I’m pleased.”

Call me weird……….but I heard God.

I heard Him say He was pleased.

Yes, I know He is ultimately pleased because I am His, but it was more than that.

It was Ephesians 5:10-

“Carefully determine what pleases the Lord.”

And it pleases Him when I write.

The messy-ness.

The mistakes.

The vulnerability.

Even the misunderstanding.

He’s bigger.

So……we did it!

I wrote in a Portland coffee shop on a cold, sunny day AND you read it from wherever you are.

Glory to the One who takes our broken lives and gives us His life.

Without reservation.

It’s yours for the wanting.

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  1. Nancy

    Love your heart. He is faithful.


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